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Thank you for contacting Farm Friends Rescue!

IF you are contacting us to SURRENDER an animal (your own pet or a stray): Shelters and rescues are currently in crisis. An unprecedented number of animals are being surrendered to shelter. Unfortunately, we are currently UNABLE to accept stray and privately owned animals to our rescue. We have a serious shortage of foster families available to care for animals. Any available space is being used to save animals at shelters, where the risk of euthanasia is greatest. Please be sure to contact the shelter to report any found strays. This is required by law, whether or not you take the stray to the shelter

IF you are emailing for information on ADOPTING: Please email our adoption team at

IF you are a PREVIOUS ADOPTER: Our volunteer team will reply as soon as possible.

IF you would like to VOLUNTEER: We very much need more foster families to help care for the animals. We will be happy to provide more information upon request. It really is quite simple and the Rescue provides everything that is needed. If you’re interested in volunteering in other ways please attend one of our adoption events listed on our website

IF you would like to DONATE to support our rescue efforts: Donations may be dropped off at Pittsboro Pet Supply. You may also visit our website at and click on the “donate“ tab.

Thank you!!



Farm Friends Rescue

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